lztok Vrencur: Old Iron Age "princely" tumulus of Crnolica under Rifnik (Vortrag AK Eisenzeit)

The severely damaged Iron age princely tumulus grave from village Crnolica under the Rifnik hillfort was discovered already in the year 1985 but remained unpublished until the present day. Very few archeologists are actually aware of this extremely interesting and to some extent controversial find. The monumental size of the stone built grave chamber is placing the ?rnolica tomb amongst the largest Early Iron age tombs in the east hallstattian cultural circle. Among the remains of numerous bronze, ceramic and glass objects, are of extreme significance vessels imported from middle Italy, namely one of the Etruscan production centers. These are two bronze tripods and the unique tray on foot, known as a presentatoio. The latter was presumably used as a ritual instrument to perform libation and perhaps other sacrifices. Rifnik hillfort with surrounding graves can be understood as one of the two very central settlements in the Late Bronze age and Early Iron age in Slovenian Styria. The other is Poštela above Maribor.


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ÖGUF, AK Eisenzeit
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