Ljubomir Nikolic: Journey to the Beginnings – Heritage Sound in Contemporary Art

Archaeology is not simply about the past. It is also about the role of the past in the present and the role of heritage in a vision for a shared future.[1]

As a professional composer, Ljubomir Nikolic is engaged in the EU-project „Journey to the beginnings“, which is connecting archaeological evidence with contemporary art and technology in an augmented virtual reality based installation. This requires a cross-sectoral collaboration between professionals in archaeology and art as well as IT experts. The results of the project will be exhibited in different European museums, representing a thousand years of human history along the river danube from Mesolithic to Bronze age cultures, such as Szazhalombatta (Hungary), Lepenski vir (Serbia), Iron gate (Romania) and Vucedol (Croatia).

In his lecture Ljubomir Nikolic will give the audience insight into his own journey to the past as a musician and artist digging into archaeology, collecting sounds and inspiration as well as profound archaeological knowledge and evidence-based first-hand experience in excavation work and in archaelogical experiments.


[1] Taken from the detailed description of the project of the Association of Cultural Heritage Managers „Journey to the beginnings“.


HS 7 des Instituts für Urgeschichte und Historische Archäologie und digital
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