Music and Multi-Species Interactions: Bone Aerophones and Middle Horizon (600-1000CE) Sociopolitical Dynamics of Southern Peru

Aleksa K. Alaica (Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia)

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Musical practice in the archaeological record is often focused on the way that music serves to bring communities together. Eurocentric notions of musical specialists interpret the importance of a few individuals to perform and create musical experiences. In the Andes, and elsewhere, the involvement of the broader community is central to the practice and meaning of music. In this presentation, I share recent work undertaken on bone aerophones from the Arequipa region of Peru to examine the way that instrument production, community exchange, and mortuary events assemble people, animals, and the dead in unique ways. The focus of this study is on site of La Real, a Middle Horizon (600-1000CE) site in the Majes Valley that was occupied across two principal periods. The early phase sees the widespread use and interment of bone aerophones made from camelid and condor remains. The second phase sees the abandonment of bone aerophone production and formalization of musical practice during the later Wari expansion.
By comparing these phases and the sociopolitical dynamics impacting musical aesthetic and the relationship between people and the dead, I seek to move forward the argument that community relationships between human and non-human forged different bonds that surpassed the world of the living.


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